Like a huge dose of serotonin to the brain” - Aaron Mitta

— The Equinox

Guided by the 3 G's

Good times, Great music, and Giving back

Alpha Pegasi (peg-ah-see) aims to create some of the best sounding, looking, and feeling music on the planet. The group is guided by 3 G's: Good times, Great music, and Giving back. As improvisation and ever-changing setlists are staples of all live shows, every performance is unique. The group’s founder and leader Mitch Melodia uses a Tame Impala like approach in regularly playing all instruments on studio recordings while being able to perform with a full band for live shows.

Rock and roll is at the roots of the recipe for Alpha’s tasty musical stew. With inspiration running from the Grateful Dead to Daft Punk, Led Zeppelin to Kool and the Gang, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Paul Simon, somehow there remains a consistent flavor to the music. The founding of AP also marked the founding of The 5ers Club. With Alpha Pegasi as the initial member, The 5ers Club is an organization of bands, musicians, artists, creatives, and businesses who agree to donate 5% of all profits. Donations go to groups focused on helping people and the planet. The current non-profit AP is giving to is The Sierra Club.


A musical taste of AP