This whole thing started as a joke. While on a burn cruise in high school my friends suggested that for my senior project I should write and turn in a book about being stoned after smoking pot. We all had a good laugh, but as they day went on I thought, wait that’s actually a great idea. So I started writing this. 

You Know You’re Stoned When… is an autobiographical story of of stories dealing with groups of people, beings, events, and places that went down while I was high…on weed. It’s a book of observations made from a humorous, analytical, and curious viewpoint in the participant-observer study. The collection here points out and remarks about some of the thoughts and actions of myself and of others I interacted with after smoking marijuana. 

At first, the observations started as simple one-liners. As the story develops, the stories themselves develop into much more descriptive, detailed, and intricately accounted for occurrences…on weed. From 2009 to 2010, the You Know You're Stoned When...began to take form and developed into around 350 pages of text. “It’s kind of Gonzoish,” remarked a radio host who let me share some passages on his show. This is not to say this work is exactly like or as good as Hunter S. Thompson’s style of reporting. However it is similar in the sense that it takes a look into the mind and outside world in an altered state. 

Pages long accounts mix with joking and philosophical phrases and create an in-depth view of individuals and groups who have smoked this marvelous plant. While many of these tales are ridiculous, there are some insightful depictions of those of us in my social circle who took part in consuming marijuana. 

Keeping the title in mind, all chronicles begin with “When…” in such a way as to say “You Know You Are Stoned When…” (ex. When your friend flies out of his chair laughing after seeing a man on the Spanish channel pinch his nipples saying “Listo, listo, listo…”) This story of stories shows some of the ways we interact with each other and ourselves in an elevated state. It sheds light on good, grand, Godly, and goofy moments that consequently occur in a stoned state. CAUTION: this book (especially in the beginning) is probably best read in small chunks rather than exhausting all your energy in reading it in one setting. If anyone can read this in a day I would be equal parts impressed and dumbfounded. 

Through my time spent enjoying with effects of this plant, I believe marijuana to be an eye-opening, enlivening substance that may also help ease mental, physical, and emotional pain. However when used in excess (like anything) its effects can be negative resulting in laziness, lack of motivation, and inability to communicate or socialize well. Like anything you pursue, have fun and be safe about it. 

The first draft of YKYSW was written circa 2008, largely written during a transformational time from high school into college. Those who have smoked marijuana before might be able to easily relate to the states and stories in here. Hopefully those who have not can connect with the stories on some levels, or at least get a kick out it. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!