Brief Bio: Mitch Melodia

Originally hailing from the woods of New Hamsphire, musician, author, wiffleball Hall of Fame inductee Mitch Melodia now resides in Denver, Colorado. After years of rehearsing, recording, and performing at venues In New England, Mitch Moved to Colorado to start his own group: Alpha Pegasi


Fitting into the gigantic river of Rock and Roll, there are many influences that go into AP, including the desire to give back. The year 2020 marked Alpha Pegasi joining The 5ers Club: an organization of musicians, artists, and businesses alike who agree to donate at least 5% of all profits to non-profit organizations. From Summer 2020 to Summer 2021 (6/20/20-6/20/21) the local, national, and worldwide organizations Alpha Pegasi will be working with are:


1) Conscious Alliance - feeding families in communities that need it most, especially through working with musicians and artists.

2) The Sierra Club - protecting wildlife and wild places

3) Charity Water - bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries


Additionally, Mitch will be donating to the above non-profits through profits gained through the sales of his books (6 in the works so far). He is currently working on publishing his first work as an author called You Know You’re Stoned When…Part I.