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When farmer Alan Tramonto once again finds one of his cows dismembered and surgically dissected without a drop of blood at the scene, he is puzzled by the events and more than a little shaken. Fearful of this strange and unknown killer, his family, neighbors, and everyone in their Tiny Town community find themselves going into lockdown, just like the first time such an event happened. 

Meanwhile, beings from the planet Dogazek are celebrating their successful Experiment with the innards of Alan’s cow. Such a significant achievement has allowed them to create stronger bones and healthier organs not just for future cattle and other animals, but for future humans as well. 

But while those on Dogazek bask in this momentous accomplishment, other, less patient eyes have also been following events on the Paradise Planet and they are less than impressed. 

Sisento, the co-leader of the planet Angonia, has had enough of humanity and plans to punish the inhabitants of Earth for their of their off-path behaviors of constant war and lethal pollution of a planet billions of years in the making. 

Consumed by a notion to speed up humanity’s already rapidly approaching extinction, Sisento intends for the humans to truly feel the consequences of their actions by causing worldwide chaos, pain, and widespread panic. 

And he plans to do so by destroying Earth’s only moon.



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